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I decided to name this fine gold necklace Stargazing Lilium Cloisonne Necklace, after the popular Stargazer lilies. 

The Story of the Stargazer Lily and How My Lilium Necklace Came to Be


The Stargazer lilies were a hybrid breed that followed the Rubrum lilies. The Rubrum lilies pointed down and a California lily breeder wanted to change that notion. So, the Stargazer lily was bred so that its bold and colorfully pink flowers pointed upwards as they reached for the stars.


The exuberant pink flowers fill its admirers with a rush of excitement. When one glimpses the flowers from overhead, eying their bloom from side-to-side, the flower shape resembles a starburst. 


So whether the heavens look down at the gorgeous blooms, or an admirer does, one is gazing at blossoming stars. And when the flowers stretch their tall, magnificent blooms towards the sky, the vault of heaven and all within —  the sky and the stars — likewise gaze at stars that are flowers. Hence, the name Stargazing.


I wanted to capture a speck of this vision in this cloisonné necklace. Along with the methodically handpainted colorful enamels, I adorned this custom jewel with tourmalines and blue topaz. Then I set the fine enameled jewelry piece in 18K gold as I do most of my jewels.

Creating Cloisonné Necklaces Like This Stargazing Lilium is a Lifelong Love

I’ll never take this passion and gift for granted. I feel tickled pink to have a job that I love so much. Creating fine gold cloisonné jewelry is a joy!


What makes this craft especially fulfilling is knowing that I’m making an ornament that speaks to someone. My custom jewelry makes a statement for others and how they view themselves. It’s an object that represents something they’re passionate about.


It’s such a pleasure to be able to do cloisonné art. Jewelry art like this is meant to last for generations. I make these custom jewels with pride and stake my reputation on their quality. This is what separates my jewelry from companies today that are mass-producing items that aren’t made to last.


If you have refined taste, appreciate fine quality, and love enamel jewelry, drop me a note. I’d love to get your custom order started for you.


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