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Summer Meadow Butterfly Necklace Enamel Jewelry

Summer Meadow Butterfly Necklace Enamel Jewelry

I can think of nothing more captivating than to see the breathtaking beauty of a summer wildflower meadow in full bloom. Particularly one that has pollen-rich flowers that butterflies love. This butterfly necklace is one of my most treasured enamel jewelry pieces. 

No Summer Meadow is Complete Without the Butterfly

Butterflies conjure up images of sunshine, the colors of flowery summer meadows, and gardens beaming with life. Imagine a meadow in its full splendor inhabited with asters, cosmos, Queen Anne’s Lace, alyssum, purple coneflowers, daisies, zinnias and more. Flowers in many bright colors and rainbows of butterflies fluttering from bloom to bloom. Nature’s gifts.


As butterflies wing their way around each flower collecting nectar, their brightly colored wings glisten and their colors seem to alter. Its bright colors often camouflage and can seemingly change in an instant.


We perceive butterfly colors differently from what they may truly be. Some of the colors we see are its true pigment and some are structural, while some are the way light reflects off of a surface.


This causes the iridescent quality that we sometimes see on butterfly wings. Different angles can give off different colors.


Blue, purple, or white on a butterfly are typically structural colors, while yellow, orange, and black are the actual pigments.


Enamel jewelry is a wonderful way to recreate butterfly life in a wearable art form. This is why so many of my unique jewelry pieces have butterflies painted onto them. No two are the same, and I capture these splendid creatures differently each time.

And No Enamel Necklace or Jewelry is Complete Without Color

Just as butterfly colors can change and appear iridescent, so can an enamel jewel when a jewelry artist applies the correct technique. It is rare that an enamel jewelry piece is completed in monochrome, without bold colors to enrich its beauty.


When I design my custom jewelry, I do so by beginning with a fine silver plate as its structural foundation. I often strategically paint the enamels dimensionally, so that light reflects and adds a shimmering glow and sparkle.


This butterfly necklace is a great example of my technique and is framed in 14K gold. The jewel is crowned with a Boulder opal at the top of the pendant.


Contact me to commission your butterfly necklace or jewel of nature.



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