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“Surfer” Custom Cloisonne Pendant

“Surfer” Custom Cloisonne Pendant

Surfer is a cloisonne jewelry piece created by Patsy Croft. It belongs to Tropics collection of amazing enamel jewelry with unique jewelry designs.

I loved making the Surfer enamel jewelry pendant.  It was a challenge to draw him using these minimal lines.  Wanting to give the simple impression of his movement, and still convey his total portrait.

While I lived on the North Shore of Hawaii as you can image the surfing is very popular. In fact in the fall and early winter you could fell the ground shake as the big waves came in. There is nothing like seeing how nature moves and changes. The waves can be 30 ft or more in height. You learn quickly to respect the ocean!

Using pen and ink, I sketched him out.  I knew that my favorite vision of a surfer was during the sunset hours, when the sun’s fire reflects off the cool blue waves.  This leads way to my sunset oranges and yellows, as well as my tropical ocean blues.  What a wonderful combination they make on a cloisonné enamel canvas.  Taking the jewel into my goldsmith studio to make the enamel jewel, I drew with 24k gold wire, and create the lines in the piece.  I laid these down in the enamel and fired them in the kiln to secure them. And the fun begins as I apply the colored enamel grains, three at a time.  Many layers of enamel are used for this piece, creating the water’s movement and the reflection of the sun as it dances on the waves.

This unique jewelry design is found nowhere else.  Being able to create enamel jewelry that is one of a kind gold jewelry is my passion.  My other passion is our environment.  I have made a pledge to donate a portion of all my proceeds to  Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society.  If you’d like more info on Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society, you can go to this link:




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