Cloisonne Jewelry



Designing gold enamel jewelry is a passion of mine. I created this cloisonné pendant in 1994 during my early years in Hawaii. I sought to capture the surfer’s paradise often experienced by the surfrider’s of the islands.

The Surfer’s Paradise is Found in Their Connection With the Ocean and Its Shores

Riding the waves is a soul-stirring experience for the surfrider. The ocean waves have their own melody, like a symphony over the waters. The harmony of the wind, the crashing of the waves, and the swashing of the water — are all blissful sounds to a surfer. Those are the experiences of a surfrider when hovering the deep blue waters of the sea. The surfer becomes one with the ocean and it’s a communal experience that doesn’t leave a surfer’s soul.


Once the surfer returns to the shore, the experience is just as lovely and sublime. Beaches like sugar crystals, the palm trees, mountain ranges, and the ocean at the surfer’s feet, reflecting the colors of the tropical sun setting against the horizon. 


Now, imagine a surfer coming in from the surf and propping his board up against a palm tree. The surfrider takes in the wondrous sight of the Hawaiian sunset. This was my inspiration for this cloisonné pendant.


Once my mind grasped this vision, I had to sketch it out on my canvas. Then I painted it out in soft watercolors – the same hues often seen each day on that tropical paradise. It’s a sight that will be imprinted in my memory forever. I’m so happy I was able to convey the spirit of what I was privileged to experience in this surfers paradise pendant.

Creating This Cloisonné Pendant and Other Gold Enamel Jewelry to Capture The Soul

Once I’m done sketching out my design, I bend 24K gold wire to form my jewelry design and create cells. These cells hold the fine grains of enamel. Adding color to my cloisonné jewelry is my favorite part of creating this ancient form of art. The subtle nuances of color are added layer by layer.


It takes time and patience to reach the desired outcome. I meticulously outline each solitary design within the custom gold enamel jewelry piece, in this case, the sunset sky, beach, surf, palm leaves, and surfboards. The surfer’s idea of paradise.


Once I’m done, something special has been created. I’ve designed an exclusive piece of gold enamel jewelry you won’t find anywhere else. And every cloisonné pendant I create has my signature. I’m an enamelist, artist, and jewelry designer all wrapped into one. 


When my work is complete, I hope I’ve captured the essence of whatever my jewel is meant to replicate. And, I hope to capture the soul of its wearer. Imagine how this fills my heart when I know it’s all come to fruition. This is my passion in life as is the environment. And my jewelry creations often speak to others who also love the environment.


What is paradise to you and what captures your soul? Wouldn’t it be lovely to create a jewel that conveys it?



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