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Trees of Life are the Icons of the Earth

I created this beautiful Trees of Life enamel Celtic ring in 2015. The enamel ring serves as a reminder of the wisdom and power of the humble tree and the environment of the earth.


Trees are oxygen and without them, our air would be a dead, deoxygenated void. Trees are life and return life to us. Celtic cultures understood this and that’s why so many icons of nature are used in Celtic jewelry.


Combining hand-carved 18k gold with beautiful vitreous enamels, this ring is truly a work of art.

Nature Inspired This Enamel Celtic Ring

The ancient Celts revered nature. And, so does the dear friend I created this ring for as a gift.


Like me, she appreciates the Earth and the solace it can bring. While my interests lay beneath the waves, it’s terra firma that fascinates her. Knowing that she is a tree-hugger in every sense of the word, I set out to create a beautiful piece that conveyed the might and power of the trees she so admired. The trees breathe life out into our atmosphere.


Who would not stare in awe the first time they see a mighty oak? These majestic trees hold so much life and tell so many stories. They tell me the time of day, the season, the wind, and are always filled with visitors.


Carving the branches those visitors call home was the most difficult part of this custom enamel art piece.


Why did I choose sunrise to be depicted in this handcrafted ring? It’s my favorite time of day and provided the best contrast against the bright spindly gold of the tree’s branches.

Want Your Own Custom Enamel Ring?

I don’t just make these for my friends. I’m happy to make one for you too.


Whether you need a wedding band or something more casual like a friendship ring, I can make a custom jewelry design that matches what you’re looking for.


Visit my Custom Work page to place an order and learn more about my design process.


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