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Jewels Fit for a Victorian Queen

I put the finishing touches on these beautiful Victorian Queen Enamel Pearl Earrings are double-sided earrings in 2007. It’s representative of the age in which I started to experiment with metal fusion to create a solder-free home for enameling. Though many of my enamel earrings resemble parrots, lively and full of color, this pair is something subtler. I opted for pastel colors, delicate, textured backgrounds, and tactile spots of gold. I was inspired by Victorian aesthetics and the beauty of pearls and lace. But, like the rest of the custom enamel jewelry in my portfolio, it’s made from excellent materials like real freshwater pearls and pure 22K gold.

One of My First Forays into Double-Sided Earrings

Victorian Queen Enamel Pearl Earrings is one of my first attempts at creating double-sided jewelry. It wasn’t easy to do, either. I had to learn how to think about the backside of a setting in a completely different way.


Even though it was one of my first attempts, I really love how these enamel and pearl earrings turned out. One side shows a flower petal in full bloom, its pastel pink offset by ropes of gold and bright violet. On the other side rests a balding hibiscus bloom in a sea of grey. Both earrings are topped off by fingernail-sized pearls.


Handcrafted earrings like this begin with a sketchbook and a few designs. Once you settle on a design, it’s time to painstakingly build the outline of your enamel jewel. Finally, you color in the lines.


Though it sounds simple, this process involves extreme heat and a master’s touch. But, as you can see, the result is worth the effort.

Want Your Own Unique Victorian Inspired Jewel?

When you buy from me, you can rest easy knowing everything is one-of-a-kind. I don’t use templates or fillers in my work.


So, no matter what you have in mind, I can help you get there. Just fill out my custom order form to get one step closer to the enamel jewelry of your dreams.



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