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You Never Forget Your First Love

These Ivy Love wedding bands were one of my first custom jewelry commissions from 2007. They featured 18K gold, diamonds, and enamel, though not quite as colorful as most of my handcrafted jewelry. But, this unique couple’s jewelry still required a master’s touch.

I may love making unique jewelry, but I love making pieces that mean something to their owners even more. And, there are few jewelry pieces as significant as a wedding band.

Wedding Bands and Their Symbolic Meaning

Wedding bands symbolize the tying together of two souls in eternal harmony. And, they’ve been in use, in one form or another, since the 15th century.

In the beginning, couples rings were intricate works of art covered with inscriptions and brought to life with bursts of bright color. Over time, the designs became more simplistic and single-noted. If I’m being honest, I’m kind of partial to the vintage jewelry from the days of olde.

What Did These Custom Enamel Wedding Rings Represent?

Now that we’ve briefly discussed the history of wedding bands, let’s talk about the unique handcrafted jewelry design of these enamel rings.

My clients approached me looking for a design that reminded them of the constant growth that’s inherent to a healthy marriage. After that initial consult, I began designing these custom wedding bands.

Like most traditional bands, they’re predominantly gold and relatively free of ornamentation. There are two exceptions to this.

First, there are small diamonds that represent flower buds. These tiny diamonds are embedded all over the surface of these customized 18k gold rings. Second, there are delicate bands of ivy that curl around the outside of each ring. The ivy represents the clients’ deeply rooted love. These strands were the most complex part of the design.

Once these ornamentations were added, gold dust was blown from my fingertips to complete the final touch. I then shipped these rings off to the newlyweds-to-be. As is typical with my custom jewelry work, my clients were happy with the end results.

About to Wed Your Beloved? Say ‘Yes’ to Artist-Designed Enamel Wedding Bands.

If you’d like a pair of tailor-made wedding bands that hearken back to the Middle Ages, or if you’d prefer a different type of couples jewelry, I’d love to be your artist.

Turning your dreams into gold and enamel is my specialty. Place a custom order to get your design started today.


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