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“The Dragon” Egyptian Coiled Bracelet for Whoopi Goldberg

“The Dragon” Egyptian Coiled Bracelet for Whoopi Goldberg

This exclusive custom jewelry piece was created for Whoopi Goldberg. We named the piece, The Dragon, and created a likeness of a serpent in 18K gold with diamonds and opals adorning the piece. The coiled bracelet also had an Egyptian design featuring the chained ring attached to the jewel. Of course, the focus was the cloisonne enamel design that embellished this commissioned piece.

“The Dragon” Piece forWhoopi Goldberg  Was a Collaborative Effort

I had the honor to work with designer and artist, Elisa Melegari, to create this jewel. The name of the piece, The Dragon, was actually chosen by Whoopie Goldberg herself. Whoopi said she was inspired by a similar piece that was created for Sarah Bernhardt in 1899, also called The Serpent. The older piece was designed by Alphonse Mucha and executed by George Fouquet.


Follow this link to learn more about the process of creating The Dragon.

This Coiled Bracelet Was My Most Elaborate Jewel Yet and the First Time I’d Been Part of a Process of Creating Egyptian Styled Jewelry.

One thing was certain once our creation was complete. If I could be part of an amazing design team to create something so intricate, I could create just about anything.


With that in mind, what would your exclusive commissioned jewel be? Whether it’s an elaborate bracelet or a more simple enamel pendant or earrings, I’d love to be part of it. Send me a note and let’s talk about it.



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