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Capturing the Beauty of the Butterfly in Enamel Jewelry

Wings in Flight is a set of enamel earrings I created with butterfly wings. In designing them, I set out to capture the significant beauty of the humble butterfly. Like all my custom jewelry, these butterfly enamel earrings are made from high-end materials like 18k gold, vitreous enamel, and peridots. The danglers on each earring bring movement and whimsy into this miniature work of art. I enjoy creating treasures to honor Mother Nature.

These Wings in Flight Have a Story to Tell

Butterflies have been making our planet more interesting and beautiful for more than 50 million years. There are currently more than 20,000 butterfly species that call Earth home. Without them, our environment would lose a good part of its flora.


When an adult butterfly lands on a flower to suck delicious nectar through its proboscis, it accidentally gathers pollen on its body as it rubs against the anther. It collects more pollen as its wings take flight and flit to the next flower, leaving more pollen behind. 


Through this process, the butterfly can pollinate numerous flowers. The larvae of butterflies, also known as caterpillars, are important to farmers and gardeners in helping to control plant growth. Because the butterfly is sensitive to ecological changes, it serves as a marker for ecological health.


Their ecological importance, as well as their symbolism of hope and change, make butterflies a popular custom jewelry choice for my clients. 


But, no matter how many butterfly jewelry pieces I make, you’ll never find two that are the same. These butterfly enamel earrings are set apart by the vibrant green background, soft wings, and beautiful peridot accents.

Commission Your Own Butterfly Earrings or Custom Jewelry

If you want your own nature-inspired enamel earrings, I’m happy to help you out.


Whether you want butterflies, dragonflies, or pink polka dots, I can bring your ideas to the physical plane.  Let’s talk about what inspires you and put that idea into a custom enamel jewelry piece.


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