Custom Enamel Orange Poppy Necklace

Custom Enamel Orange Poppy Necklace

This orange poppy necklace is the product of careful design and planning. Made from 18K gold, it juxtaposes vibrant enamel against garnets and rubies. A light lavender enamel background allows the green and orange of the flower to pop. Though a lot of my art pieces are inspired by abstract things, “Orange Poppy” isn’t one of them.

It’s inspired by the humble poppy. This custom enamel necklace was commissioned by a client who loved these humble flowers. And, with their vibrant colors and rich symbolism, who wouldn’t?

After submitting a few potential designs, the customer and I settled on this one. What followed was countless hours of wirework, enameling, firing, and polishing. You can click here to learn more about the enameling process.

With a sigh of relief, I set the last garnet in place. Shortly after, I shipped this orange poppy necklace off to its new owner. Who, like most of my clients, was absolutely ecstatic.

Like all of my pieces, this orange poppy necklace is one of a kind.  If you want jewelry that makes a statement, click here to place a custom order. Or, if you’re stuck on a design, just pay a visit to my shop!




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