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Yes, contact me! Custom Enamel Jewelry requests are always welcome, and are a delight for me.

A custom enamel jewelry piece in techniques of  Cloisonné, Champleve, or Plique a Jour begins with an interview with the client. I want to know as much as possible what your vision is. 

Samples of questions I have are what occasions will you wear the jewel, everyday or only evenings?  Second are you interested in diamonds or gem stones? And your favorite colors are important but also what colors do you usually wear?  Enamel jewelry is all about color.

Next I continue with sizes, shapes, you prefer. After I have these images in my mind I put several drawings and paintings together for the client. Once all is approved a custom enamel jewelry piece begins. 

Contact me, if you are interested in a creation of a jewel of your very own inspired personal adornment. A unique, one of a kind, custom enamel jewelry piece to hold precious for a lifetime.