Custom Celtic Jewelry for St. Paddy’s Day and Every Day

Custom Celtic Jewelry for St. Paddy’s Day and Every Day

Custom Celtic Jewelry -St. Paddy's Day - Custom Jewelry - Patsy Croft

Celtic jewelry has been around for centuries. Celtic symbols are a huge part of Irish culture and there’s no holiday more synonymous with Irish customs more than St. Paddy’s Day. The March 17 ode to St. Patrick is a cultural celebration beloved by many. And what better way to celebrate than with a custom Celtic jewelry piece that says “Kiss Me, I’m Irish”?

St. Paddy’s Day – A Holiday Rooted in Hope, Love, Faith – and a Bit of Luck

None of us escape childhood without fondly (and frustratingly) embarking on a quest for a four-leaf clover. Your odds of actually finding one are about 1 in 10,000. 

Shamrocks are a national symbol for the Irish. But most of us, Catholic or not, can remember pastures of green clovers in our youth with occasional sprigs of clover flowers rising from the midst of the meadow. I can remember bees flitting to and from the clover blossoms and dodging them as I searched for the perfect four-leaf clover.

That’s the stuff of yesterday and as adults, we have different ways of celebrating and finding our own Luck of the Irish.

Whether you celebrate by reciting your favorite limerick, wearing green from head to toe, or by pretending you’re a magical leprechaun from the Lucky Charms commercial, St. Paddy’s Day was made for fun and laughter. So, celebrate the Luck of the Irish in your own way. But, don’t forget to look for your own pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Jewelry Gold, That is. Custom Celtic Jewelry Made Just for You!

Because sometimes we have to make our own luck happen, right? And can there be anything better than a custom jewelry charm that honors the Celtic and Irish heritage?

Whether it’s a Celtic knot or cross, a Claddagh ring, a Trinity knot, a green enamel shamrock necklace, or a Tree of Life ring, Celtic jewelry is steeply enriched with meaning.

Celtic jewelry dates back to 500 BC, a time when craftsmen adorned jewelry of olde with Celtic symbols. These symbols are still used today and the significance of what the symbols represent still have great value to Celtic jewelry lovers far and wide.

Celtic jewelry remains highly sought after and finds admirers all over the world, well beyond the borders of Ireland.

What is it about Celtic symbols that draws you into its magical realm? What Irish symbol would you use in your own custom jewelry creation? 

A collaboration of your desire and one of the world’s most premier jewelry artists can make it happen. Patsy Croft’s masterful hands can create beautiful jewelry that embodies the spirit of the Celts. Commission your symbolic jewel today because Celtic jewelry isn’t just for St. Paddy’s Day anymore.




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