Patsy Croft

Enamel Jewelry Designer


As an enamel jewelry designer, I strive for exceptional craftsmanship as I create custom jewelry that is wearable works of art. Much of my jewelry reflects my love of nature. The beauty of the Earth is awe-inspiring and timeless. I seek to implement these characteristics in my commissioned jewelry pieces.

My elite jewelry clients are typically kindred spirits who appreciate the luxurious standards that I aspire for in my work as an enamel artist.

Every touch, every nuance, every creative endeavor that I undertake has a singular objective – to deliver a distinctive, unique, meaningful jewel that conveys something to its recipient.


As an Enamel Jewelry Designer, I Bring Your Ideas to Life.

My jewelry pieces begin as an artist’s palette, a bare gold canvas that I fill with bold, colorful designs borne from my clients’ visions and my imagination. I seek to replicate an idea, an experience, or a sentiment. What I do is a God-given gift that I don’t take lightly.

I never run out of inspiration or creativity. My life has afforded me an abundance of inspiring experiences that have led me to be the artist I am today. 

I’ve traveled extensively, and this further deepened my love of nature and the things of the Earth. 

My journeys around the world have blessed me with many wonderful adventures. I use my experiences as an advanced diver to draw from when creating my oceanic jewelry pieces. I’m also an avid gardener and love the environment. Many of my jewels are reflective of this, as well. 

I’m also a skilled photographer, watercolor artist, goldsmith, and jewelry teacher. I’m passionate about taking these experiences and incorporating them into my work as an enamel jewelry designer.

My work also blends old world, classic jewelry making techniques with contemporary ideas. I never sacrifice quality and use only high karat metal in silver and gold. I’ve perfected my technique so that the beautiful and bold enamel colors I use yield the precise texture needed for each jewelry piece. I often crown my jewels with a precious stone as a finishing touch.

The result is an exquisite, breathtaking piece of jewelry that is meant to last for generations. 

There’s truly nothing else I’d rather do. I was destined to become an enamel jewelry artist. Creating custom gold jewelry with cloisonne and enamel design is what I was born to do. Contact me if you would like your own personally-inspired custom jewel.

To highlight my commitment to the environment, I donate 10% of all sales to environmental causes.

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