Patsy Croft

About the artist

“Enamel Jewelry Designer that makes your ideas come to life!”


“The Birth of a Enamel Jewelry Artist” “Bright colors we can find only in nature, quality craftsmanship that will outlast the seasons, and a promise to do my part with the gifts I’ve been given” – Patsy Croft, Alohi Lani Designs.

“Stylish, intense, yet entirely down-to-earth, Patsy Croft lives life outside the lines, refusing convention and championing individuality. Ironic, considering the cloisonné artist spends her days working carefully inside lines she craft in gold. But creativity will never be easily lost with Patsy.

With a body of work inspired by her travels and love of nature, She has earned a national reputation for her enamel jewelry. For Patsy, cloisonné jewelry represents a place to use her line drawings, a way to fulfill her passion for brilliant colors, and a chance to pay homage to the world of nature.“

“Patsy’s passion for life and beauty shines through in her meticulous craftsmanship of Cloisonne jewelry and fine enamel jewelry

by Stacy Clark

My collection of gold enamel jewelry in techniques of cloisonné, champleve and plique a jour, combines classical techniques with contemporary original designs for today`s client. High karat metals of sliver and gold are designed to receive beautiful colors of enamel and precious stones, to create an eye-catching jewel of lasting quality. I believe jewelry is an expression of one’s personality, and I strive to create a unique piece of art that the client will forever enjoy.

Custom Cloisonne and Custom Enamel Jewelry is a delight to me. Contact me if I can create a jewel of your very own inspired personal adornment!

I am an advance diver, photographer, watercolorist, goldsmith, teacher and cloisonné jewelry artist.  I create art that represents my passion for the earth and all things to be held precious.  I am committed to doing my part to help the environment, and therefore, I donate 10% of all my sales to environmental groups.  Contact me for your one-of-a-kind cloisonne jewelry.

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