Custom Enamel Earrings

Noche Bella Custom Enamel Earrings

Noche Bella Custom Enamel Earrings


Latin Culture Meets Night Sky In These Unique Enamel Earrings


Noche Bella is part of a collection of custom enamel earrings I created.  To learn more about cloisonné jewelry, and why I do what I do, visit my blog.


Imagine a starry summer night full of elegantly dressed guests mingling and enjoying a night rich with Latin culture. To many, this sounds like a beautiful night, or Noche Bella as the Spanish would say. In Puerto Rico, I had many such nights.  And, these custom enamel earrings are my attempt to emulate them.


On one side of these enamel earrings, you’ll find my take on a verdant jungle. On the other, you’ll see a black enamel background contrasted against abstract blocks of white. Rimmed in 22k gold and accented with brandy garnets and hints of Aztecan architecture, these enamel earrings are perfect reflections of a beautiful Spanish night.




  • One side features an abstract pattern with hints of Aztecan architecture. The other, meanwhile, showcases a jungle scene.
  • These earrings measure 2.25 x 0.625 x .125. This lands them in the sweet spot between  elegant and eye-catching
  • Truly museum-quality pieces, these custom enamel earrings will become a prized family heirloom
  • Handmade by a master of cloisonné jewelry, these earrings are truly one of a kind
  • Featuring a unique design on each side, these earrings can be rotated to suit your mood.
  • Made from Brandy Garnets and 22k gold, these earrings perfectly capture the intrigue and romance of a nighttime gala.


If you want your own pair of custom enamel earrings, just click the ‘Order a Custom Piece’ button below. With a few sketches and quick consultation, I can help make your dream a reality.


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