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Noche Bella

Noche Bella


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Cloisonne Earrings “Noche Bella” with Brandy Garnets

Cloisonne Enameled 22k Gold Earrings

2.25″ x .625″ x .125″

Noche Bella is a part of custom enamel earrings collection made by Patsy Croft – the owner of Alohi Lani Designs and a teacher of Cloisonne arts. Patsy uses unique jewelry designs for each of the products in this shop – feel free to check out the rest of the custom enamel earrings or Patsy`s collection of custom enamel pendants for sale.

If you want custom enamel jewelry like Noche Bella made just for you and you have an idea on the design – head over to the contact page. Unique jewelry designs are a delight for Patsy. Aren`t convinced yet? Check out the portfolio of cloisonne jewelry which has already brought joy to its owners. See why this is the best enamel jewelry shop online.

As an enamel jewelry artist, of course, I love making jewels! And these are one of my favorite enameled earrings. You wonder why? Yes, Let me tell you a little about the technique of enameling.

The jewel has to be enameled on both sides of the metal you choose to work on. Right. So why not make both sides beautiful and unique! Take a look at each side of these earrings. These cloisonné enameled earrings I have designed for a gala event. Using warm tones rich in gold. For the woman that stands on her own.

Speaking of gold these are made with 22k gold, rich in color. A real eye catcher, and to compliment the warm gold is a beautiful emerald green enamel like the forest. On the back side, leaves are moving in the wind of the forest and highlighted with Brandy Garnets.

The doubles sided earrings of cloisonné are a design I have developed involving many years of research and trial and error to achieve. This unique design allows me to give you two pairs of earrings. The ear wire holding the enameled jewels earrings I have names queens caps, and they allow the wearer of this unique gold jewelry design to be worn showing the front of the back of Noche Bella!

Custom Enamel Earrings | Yerba Buena | Enamel Jewelry by Patsy Croft

Imagine a starry summer night full of elegantly dressed guests mingling and enjoying a night rich with Latin culture. To many, this sounds like a beautiful night or Noche Bella as in Spanish. Noche Bella is the Latino inaugural gala event.

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