Custom Enamel Earrings




Philosophy and the Optimism of an Eternal Sunrise Meld to Produce These Brilliant Enamel Earrings


I spent most of my childhood with a nickname: Sunshine. And, these custom enamel earrings, all sapphire and tangerine, pay homage to that. Please note, however, that the design itself was inspired by Aristotle’s Rhetoric.

Though he described three types of artistic persuasion in that essay, it’s the one called “Awakening Emotion” that caught my eye.  Also known as Pathos, this type of persuasion focuses on using people’s emotions as a catalyst for change.  I wanted to create a pair of custom earrings that made people smile whenever they looked at them.

Created using my trademark two-sided enameling technique, Pathos shows a brilliant sunburst on one side. The sun’s rays are frozen in their attempts to reach the 22k gold rim. On the other side, the sun is displayed in all its glory. Perfect for the working woman, these custom enamel earrings remind us that optimism can crack even the thickest glass ceilings.

  • Has a unique design on each side
  • Though the orange and blue enamel stand out, it’s the 22k gold accents that truly sets these custom enamel earrings apart
  • These custom enamel earrings are a good example of museum-quality cloisonné
  • Measuring less than 3 inches long, these earrings won’t violate any dress codes
  • Since they’re handmade, you’ll be hardpressed to find another pair of earrings quite like them

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