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Pathos philosophy and the optimism of eternal sunshine meld to produce these brilliant enamel gold earrings.



When I was a wee lass, my nickname was Sunshine. These Pathos Eternal Sunshine Earrings of enamel and gold in tangerine and sapphire tones pay homage to the emotions that name evokes. Sunshine is eternal. When the sun sets in one place, it rises in another, casting light continually.


The design of these Pathos Eternal Sunshine Earrings  were actually inspired by Aristotle’s Rhetoric. He described three types of artistic persuasion in his essay. The one that spoke to my heart is “Awakening Emotion”, also known as Pathos.  This type of persuasion focuses on using people’s emotions as a catalyst for change.


Because I’m an optimist, I wanted to invoke change that conveyed optimism. Together, my childhood nickname and the meaning it conveyed seemed appropriate. Therefore, I wanted to create a pair of cloisonné earrings that made people smile whenever they looked at them.


I created this pair of gold earrings using my trademark two-sided enameling technique. These Pathos earring set has a brilliant sunburst on one side that reminds us of the eternal sunshine. The sun’s rays reach just far enough before the 22K gold trim complements the jewel. The other side displays the sun in all its glory.


These enamel gold earrings are perfect for the modern woman. The artisan earrings remind us that optimism can crack even the thickest glass ceilings.


  • Unique one-of-a-kind custom jewelry design on each side that you won’t find anywhere else
  • Custom enamel earrings that are a work of art, unveiling museum-quality cloisonné
  • Stunning enamel in orange and blue tones; however, the 24K gold accents are a lovely contrast against the colors
  • Pathos Eternal Sunshine Earrings was designed and handmade by an enamel jewelry artist
  • Sized at a moderate 3″ long. Setting 22k gold. Goldilocks would have said that these artist-signed earrings are just right

These custom enamel and gold earrings are perfect for the modern woman who desires a unique jewelry design. Could these Pathos cloisonné earrings be what you’ve been looking for? If so, claim them.


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