Custom Enamel Earrings

Yerba Buena Enamel Earrings

Yerba Buena Enamel Earrings


All the beauty and movement of an herb garden captured in two inches of custom enamel.



I travel the world in pursuit of my art, and these custom enamel earrings are proof of that. Conceived in Australia and named after a garden in San Francisco, they’re every bit the globe trotter that I am. After playing with a few designs, I decided on something more abstract. Easy to dress up or down, depending on your needs, these custom earrings are as adaptable as the flowers that inspired them.


Real eye-catchers, these custom gold earrings offset the warmth of 22k gold with pops of green enamel. Two emerald drops sit at their base; their movements are reminiscent of a leaf in a summer breeze. One side captures the gentle sway of a flower just beginning to open its petals. On the other, I carved a full bloom, open and ready to embrace the sun.



  • Measuring 2.25 x 0.75 x .125, these custom enamel earrings strike a perfect balance between an eye-catching art piece and costume jewelry.
  • Designed by a master of cloisonné, these gold enamel earrings would be at home in any museum.
  • Since they’re handmade, you can rest easy knowing that these earrings are truly one-of-a-kind.
  • With a unique design on each side, these earrings are a two-for-one deal.
  • No fillers. No sequins. I made these custom enamel earrings from nothing but emeralds, vitreous enamel, and 22k gold.


If you want custom enamel earrings, but these aren’t quite what you’re looking for,  I’d be happy to offer you a quote on a custom piece.

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Dimensions 2.25 × .75 × .125 in
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