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Yerba Buena

Yerba Buena


Cloisonne Enameled 22k Gold Earrings


Cloisonne Earrings “Yerba Buena” with Green Tourmalines

Cloisonne Enameled 22k Gold Earrings

2.25″ x .75″ x .125″

Yerba Buena is a part of custom enamel earrings collection made by Patsy Croft – the owner of Alohi Lani Designs and a teacher of Cloisonne arts. Patsy uses unique jewelry designs for each of the products in this shop – feel free to check out the rest of the custom enamel earrings or Patsy`s collection of custom enamel pendants for sale.

If you want custom enamel jewelry like Yerba Buena made just for you and you have an idea on the design – head over to the contact page. Unique jewelry designs are a delight for Patsy. Aren`t convinced yet? Check out the portfolio of cloisonne jewelry which has already brought joy to its owners. See why this is the best enamel jewelry shop online.

As an enamel jewelry artist, of course, I love making jewels!  Especially for the unique client. Yes, I believe you are here because you are unique. That means you want a jewel and enameled jewelry that no one else has! Isn’t the worst thing ever to show up for an event and another guest is wearing the same thing you are wearing?

Here you will find unique gold jewels you will never see others wearing! And consider having your design come to life with a pair of custom enameled earrings.

I am committed to creating a quality jewel, enamel jewelry that lasts, that is timeless. I execute my art to be one-of-a-kind, that becomes cherished family heirlooms, and speak to permanence, striking natural beauty and using adornment to set oneself apart.

Yerba Buena is just that pair of custom enameled earrings made for you. You wonder why? Yes, Let me tell you a little about this technique of enameling.

The jewel has to be enameled on both sides of the metal you choose t work on. Right. So why not make both sides beautiful and unique! Take a look at both sides of these earrings. These cloisonné enameled earrings I have designed for a professional look for a successful businesswoman. Using warm tones rich in gold.

Speaking of gold these are made with 22k gold, rich in color. A real eye catcher, and to compliment the warm gold is a beautiful emerald green enamel of the garden. In this garden you can imagine the flowers moving in the breeze, just beginning to open its petals to release its fragrant smell. On the back side bustling buds, all opened enjoying the sunshine of the day.

But that is just part of why I love these so much. The style of Cloisonné I have used here has the cells overfilled. This adds another dimension to these custom enamel earrings.

The doubles sided earrings are a design I have developed involving many years of research and trial and error to achieve. The ear wire I have named queens caps, they are designed to allow both sides of Yerba Buena to shown. In reality, you have two pair of enameled earrings.

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Dimensions 2.25 × .75 × .125 in
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