Custom Enamel Pendants

Black Pearl Custom Enamel Pendant

Black Pearl Custom Enamel Pendant


Banana leaves, bright colors, and 18k gold combine to create this tropically-inspired cloisonné pendant.


Black Pearl is part of a collection of custom enamel pendants I made. Like all of my pieces, Black Pearl is the result of dedicated studies of cloisonne and its techniques.

I’ve traveled the world in pursuit of my art. This has allowed me to experience the tropical living most people can only dream of.  Though many love the white sand beaches and balmy temperatures, I found my muse in the color and rustling of the banana leaves. After sketching up a few things, I decided to sculpt these leaves into the shape of a beautiful, bell-shaped Tahitian flower.

But it’s not the design that sets this custom enamel pendant apart, it’s the piece’s 3D nature. Creating it took years of experimenting.  This is because jewelers solder to achieve dimension and that’s not something vitreous enamels can tolerate. When overheated, vibrant enamel turns the color of mud. Eventually, I found a way to overcome this problem and put the finishing touches on this one-of-a-kind pendant.

Perfect for the tropical-island lover in your life, Black Pearl is the type of high-end jewel you’ll only get from a cloisonne master.

  • This 3D enamel pendant represents the years of my life spent in the tropics. The design shows brightly colored banana leaves, arranged to represent the plant embracing its bloom dangling below a Tahitian Pearl.
  • Black Pearl measures 1.75” by 0.75” by 0.25”. This makes it big enough to catch people’s eyes from across the room.
  • My work has been featured in museums. So, unlike the pendant you find on Etsy, this custom enamel pendant will hold its value long after you’re gone.
  • Handmade means unique. No matter how long you look, you’ll never find a piece exactly like this one.
  • This custom enamel pendant is made from 22k and 24k gold and topped with a black pearl.

If you’re looking for custom jewelry, but don’t love this cloisonné pendant, you can place a custom order below.