Custom Enamel Pendants

Black Pearl

Black Pearl



3D Tahitian Pearl Pendant, 24k, 22k and 18k gold

1 3/4″ x 3/4″ x 1/4″

Chain is not included in the product price.

Black Pearl is a part of custom enamel pendants collection made by Patsy Croft – owner of Alohi Lani Designs and a teacher of Cloisonne arts. Patsy uses unique jewelry designs for each of the products in this shop – feel free to check out rest of the custom enamel pendants or Patsy`s collection of custom enamel earrings for sale.

If you want custom jewelry like Black Pearl made just for you and you have an idea on the design – head over to the contact page. Unique jewelry designs are a delight for Patsy. Aren`t convinced yet? Check out the portfolio of cloisonne jewelry which has already brought joy to it`s owners.

This jewel a 3D cloisonné piece I created after many years of trail and error. It was my mission to get out side the box of cloisonné being flat and set inside a bezel. difficult to achieve because as jewelers build jewels, they need to use solder. Vitreous enamels do not like solder. If enamels come into contact with solder the enamels will turn black or mud like in color.

You can understand how exciting this was to accomplish. Living in many tropical locations the banana leaves are beautiful not only in color but in their movement. The rustling sound in the easy breeze of Hawaii while sitting on the lani is musical.

This inspired me to design the custom enamel pendant “Black Pearl”, banana leaves over lapping one another and warping around the Tahitian black pearl.

I am self taught from the books of masters who created this centuries-old art form, but I also explored on my own, and have developed distinctive new techniques, which contributed to this fine “One of a Kind” jewelry you see here.  My Enamel Jewelry stands out because of it and this could be your!

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