Custom Enamel Pendants

Hibiscus Pendant

Hibiscus Pendant



Gold Enamel Jewelry “Hibiscus” Necklace

Chased in 18k Gold accented with Carved Enamels and rubies.

2 3/4″ x 1/2″ x 1/4″

Hibiscus is a part of custom enamel pendants collection made by Patsy Croft – owner of Alohi Lani Designs and a teacher of Cloisonne arts. Patsy uses unique jewelry designs for each of the products in this shop – feel free to check out rest of the custom enamel pendants or Patsy`s collection of custom enamel earrings for sale.

If you want custom jewelry like Hibiscus made just for you and you have an idea on the design – head over to the contact page. Unique jewelry designs are a delight for Patsy. Aren`t convinced yet? Check out the portfolio of cloisonne jewelry which has already brought joy to it`s owners.

The gold enameled jewelry “Hibiscus” is hand chased, and enameled in red vitreous enamels. In finishing the jewel I carved into the enamels to reveal the movements of the flowers petals. Showing one overlaying the other. Rubies are laid in place of stamens. And you know red is the most difficult enamel to achieve.

I study beauty, and waste with over-consumerism impacts me profoundly. Therefore, I am committed to creating a quality jewel, enamel jewelry that lasts, that is timeless. I execute my art to be one-of-a-kind, that become cherished family heirlooms, and speak of permanence, striking natural beauty and using adornment to set oneself apart.

Enjoy the beauty of our gifts.


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