Custom Enamel Pendants

Nautilus Cloisonne Pendant

Nautilus Cloisonne Pendant


This custom enamel pendant captures the essence of one of the ocean’s most fascinating creatures.


Nautilus is part of a custom enamel pendant collection I made. Created with precious metals and vitreous enamel, this cloisonné necklace, like all my pieces, is the product of hours of hard work.

You’ve probably seen this shape a hundred times, but you might not know what it symbolizes.

It’s actually the shell of a multi-chambered mollusk called the Nautilus. Like most of its relatives, the Nautilus can withdraw into its shell when it feels threatened.  It’s also one of the only natural examples of a logarithmic spiral. You can click here to learn more about the amazing creatures that inspired this custom enamel pendant.

Like most of my enamel jewelry, this piece has two sides. On one, I used a pink enamel to display the Nautilus’ inner shape. The other side, meanwhile, is carved from 14k gold. A series of masterfully placed holes give the viewer a look at the pearlescent inside. All of this beauty is topped off by pinky-sized freshwater pearl.


  • This design is my take on a Nautilus. On one side, it’s shown in dissection. The other side, meanwhile, shows a bright golden shell with artistic views of the freshwater pearl below.
  • Nautilus measures 1.5” x 0.75”. So, it’s the perfect beachside or daily accessory.
  • This museum-quality custom enamel pendant will one day be a prized family heirloom
  • If you buy this, you’ll never have to worry about someone having the same outfit as you.
  • I made it from high-end quality materials. As a result, it’s worth its weight in gold.

If you want an ocean-inspired pendant, but aren’t in love with this one, you can click here to place a custom order.