Custom Enamel Necklace

Spring Flowers Cloisonne Necklace

Spring Flowers Cloisonne Necklace


Orange, aqua, apatite, and everything nice. This festive enamel pendant is truly one of a kind.


Spring Flowers Necklace is a custom enamel necklace I created in 2017. Made with ancient techniques and only the best materials, this cloisonné pendant is worth every penny of its price tag.

I love flowers and greenery. I can think of few things more beautiful than the gentle curve of a flower petal. Though abstract, the design of this custom enamel necklace was inspired by an orange Asiatic lily. A flower which symbolizes chastity and devotion. They’re also a must-have for a 30th wedding anniversary.

Now you know why I went with a lily.  But, you’re still probably wondering where the color scheme came from.

Honestly, I just wanted a challenge. Aqua and orange, two of my favorite colors, are difficult to achieve in enamel. If not handled correctly, they turn brownish-red and lifeless blue.  And, challenging or not, they look absolutely amazing when things go right. Just like they did in this custom enamel pendant. Set into an 18k arrowhead, this festive piece is topped by with an apatite.

  • Aqua and orange dominate in this abstract look at a pyramid lily. As any enamel enthusiast knows, these colors aren’t easy to achieve.
  • This custom enamel necklace measures 2.25” by 0.75” by 0.25”. Since it’s under 3 inches long, it’s the perfect size for everyday wear.
  • Since it’s handmade, there’ll never be another pendant like it.
  • This piece of cloisonné jewelry is made from nothing but gold, enamel, and apatite.

Maybe this custom enamel pendant is too colorful for you. Or, you just wanted something with your birthstone.  Either way, I’ve got you covered! If you need further convincing, click here to visit my portfolio.