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Birds of Paradise Cloisonne Necklace

Birds of Paradise Cloisonne Necklace


This custom enamel pendant is proof that it takes a cloisonne master to imitate nature.



Birds of Paradise Cloisonne Necklace is part of a custom enamel pendant collection I made.


The Birds of Paradise Cloisonne Necklace, also known as the Crane Flower or Strelitzia, is so named because of its resemblance to a bird in flight. Full of unique shapes and brilliant colors, it’s been the muse of many an artist—myself included. But, replicating its beauty with nothing but enamel and gold wasn’t easy. Fortunately, it seems I was up for the job.


On one side, the flower spreads its petals like an attention-hungry peacock. Banana leaves surround it, fanned out like a crown. The emerald greens, golds, blues, and oranges are all contrasted with pops of 24k gold. But, this much color might be too vibrant for the workplace. That’s why the other side is nothing but gold and ebony. In place of roots, this Birds of Paradise Cloisonne Necklace boasts a rare orange garnet known as a Mandarin Spessartite.


  • This custom enamel pendant features a bird-of-paradise design on the front and that same design in 18k gold and black on the back. Just flip it around to go from vibrant to midnight chic.
  • This cloisonné pendant measures 2” x 1.5” x 0.375. This means people can see it from across the room, but it isn’t big enough to be tacky.
  • Created by a cloisonné jewelry lover, this custom enamel pendant will one day be a treasured family heirloom.
  • Since this Birds of Paradise cloisonne Necklace is handmade, you never have to worry about sporting the same cloisonne pendant as someone else.
  • This custom enamel pendant is made from real gold and topped off by a Mandarin garnet.


If you’re looking for custom jewelry, but don’t love this gold enamel pendant, you can place a custom order.

International shipping available.

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