Holiday Collection

Cloisonne Holiday Jewelry Collection

When you start to think about the holidays, you start to imagine glorious parcels, elaborately wrapped and sitting under an expansive, lush and green Christmas tree.  Or the gift of giving a present to that favorite person. It is the season of sparkle, a time to show your loved ones, friends and family just how much you care about them.  The perfect present is something that captures a memory and places it firmly in the heart, to remain there forever.  What better way to do this than with a gift of from my Cloisonné Holiday Jewelry Collection. Consider a gift of enamel and cloisonne jewelry?

Give the Gift of Cloisonne Jewelry

Cloisonne features a treasure trove of incredibly intricate and detailed jewelry pieces.  Every piece is carefully designed, crafted and hand painted individually, in my own jewelry workshop.  I take so much pride in creating my designs and each is a miniature work of art.  To wear Cloisonne is something very unique.  Almost all of my customers write to me to tell me of the numerous compliments they receive when they put on their Cloisonne enamel jewelery.  It is different than anything else available and that’s because of the nature of the quality workmanship involved.  While I have my ready-made collections and my bespoke service, each individual heirloom jewel piece is still unique.

Vibrant, Eye-Catching Jewellery

My Holiday Jewelry Collection consists of an exciting splash of color – just what’s needed at Christmas and over the holidays!  Earrings that dance at parties, pendants that draw the eye when you wear your favorite holiday clothes.  The vibrancy of intense shades and the gentle curves of my enamel and cloisonné jewelry depict nature, foliage, extraordinary shapes are inspired by the world that we live in.  Every single Cloisonne piece uses the very best possible premium quality polished enamel that throws off exceptional lustre. Notice how it glistens and gleams as you move.


Jewellery that Spans Generations

I set my enamel jewelery in 18k gold, the best possible precious metal you can buy.  That’s because I want to give my customers real quality and it shines through.  Your enamel and  cloisonne  jewelry will last more than a lifetime, be passed down through your family and the memory should linger generation after generation