Ocean Jewelry

Who doesn’t love the rich colors and thrilling mysteries of the ocean? It is a natural phenomenon that has always fascinated me. With its deep ripples of sapphire blue that transform as if by magic as the sunlight hits the water depending on the time of day.  The ocean has exciting secrets that lay beneath the waves when a whole new world opens up, spectacularly colorful with a multitude of different varieties of vivid, exotic fish darting in and out of the pink and orange coral reefs.  The swaying sea anemones glide like ballet dancers while pretty starfish glue themselves to sea rocks and cheekily peek through the marine plants as they move gracefully in the dancing water.  The ocean inspired me to create a whole ocean jewelry collection dedicated to its majestic beauty.


Nautilus is an exquisite one-of-a-kind handmade cloisonné enamel gold necklace that’s part of my Ocean Jewelry collection. Created with precious metals, freshwater pearl, and vitreous enamel, this cloisonné necklace, like all my custom jewelry pieces, is the product of hours of hard work. You’ve probably...


Turtles likely have more symbolism than you've imagined. Learn about this Painted Turtle and how my enamel jewelry pendants have one of a kind designs, each unique and beautiful.

Save Our Ocean

My Ocean Inspired Jewelry collection pays homage to the wonders of marine life and the eco-system that most of us never get to see but exists as a reminder of all the beauty that the planet has to offer.  I have spent years designing oceanic jewelry pieces that replicate those dazzling colors creating movement when worn, reminding us of the pleasures the world has to offer.

Ocean Theme Collection of Jewelry

I hope you fall in love with my ocean jewelry as much as I enjoyed making each exquisite piece.  From pendants of turtles, or the beautiful waves of the ocean, thinking about sharing a dolphin necklace you saw this Spring on vacation with your partner, see my ocean collection here to find that excitement you felt. With my Cloisonne jewellery your Ocean jewellery will become an heirloom, to last a lifetime to pass down through generations and tell a story, perhaps of your appreciation of ocean and beach life or to reflect you or a loved one’s personality.

What my Enamel Ocean Jewelry Says

When creating my Ocean collection, I always use the best possible quality precious metals and highly polished enamel that is hand painted in intricate detail.  You’ll find that my jewellery creates a conversation piece and that people want to know more because the pieces are all unique, especially as each is handmade.

  • Save the turtles
  • Preserve our Oceans
  • See my beautiful star fish jewelry
  • The perfect gift
  • A reminder take care what is precious

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