Spring Enamel Jewelry Collection

Spring Enamel Jewellery Collection

Embody yourself in the glorious season of hope; Spring, and enjoy it all year round with my Spring-inspired-jewellery of soft, feminine jewels that reflects all the natural beauty of my favorite time of year!

The Spring season is always an exciting one; it brings the promise of new beginnings.  It’s about positive change. The delicate Spring flowers start to bud, the days suddenly getting longer letting in more inviting daylight, the trees begin to blossom with pastel colors that send their sweet fragrance into the air for everyone to enjoy. Butterflies emerge from their cocoons, their dazzling, vibrant wings gracefully floating through the air! All these images come to mind and are prefect for my Spring Enamel Jewellery Collection.

Elegant Beauty Yellow Rose Cloisonné Jewelry 

This piece was created for a loving wife as a special anniversary gift from her husband. During the conceptual phase of the project he mentioned that he called her "his yellow rose" and the rest is custom jewelry-making history.


This Hibiscus traveling jewelry box was the companion I created for a client’s custom Hawaiian jewelry order. Every jewel deserves a place to keep it safe.


The vibrant colors in these lily-inspired cloisonné earrings are the quintessential portrait of a perfect spring day. These Lilium earrings are a favorite.


These double-sided earrings display two visions. First, elegant orchids as seen from a bee’s perspective. On the other, an orchid in snow.

An Inspiration, Nature!

Ever since I started my enamel jewelery journey, the incredible intricacies of nature and all the miracles that come with it have been a source of inspiration. Butterflies go by or a beautiful flower open and yes, this is one of those moments in time that fills me with creativity and excitement to get into my studio and transfer that energy into making Cloisonne enamel jewelery.

High Quality Heirloom Pieces of Enameled Jewelry

All the jewels in my collections are handmade and sometimes, I am flowing with so much imagination that the hours fly as the ideas flow. I hope that energy comes across in my Spring enamel jewellery collection. Made with love and carefully designed by me, I use high quality enamel for jewelry with premium precious metals of gold.

Each hand-paint piece is filled with elaborate, intricate detailed images that remind me of Spring. The soft colors, influence my pallet as the birds sing their early morning song. The fragrant buds appearing all around me and the feeling of happiness that delightfully lingers as the temperature climbs – it’s joyous as I create enameled jewelry!

Enjoy my Spring-inspired-jewellery collection here and choose something that reflects your personality or find something that will make a most treasured gift.  Cloisonne is extra-special, it is designed to last lifetimes, to be handed down through generations and become heirloom jewels that can be held close to the heart with a precious story.