Cloisonne Enamel Jewelry

View the Process

Watch a view of the Process.

Here is a slide show of the process I use to create cloisonne enamel jewelry. First some drawings, which lead to a few water color paintings. As many as it takes to get the image in my mind on the paper!

Some jewels flow right out and some take many painting. Unlike a painting which might take several hours, a jewel in cloisonne enamels takes days and days. You can not erase the enamels out to try a different color, making watercolors handy.

The drawing I use to shape all the wires of 24k gold. These wires form “cells”. The cells are filled with enamels to create the colors you see in the jewel.

Just as I layer my colors of paint onto the paper I will do the same in enamels. They relate in ways to layer or even gradate next to each other, giving me a clear direction to proceed. But all in all there are many years of practice and testing to learn the process.

Here are just a few of many layers of enamels I thought you would enjoy to understand the process.


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