Tropics Jewelry Collection

Remember Precious Time In A Faraway Place

Think of the wild, exotic island flora with its incredible depth of different, vivid colors, the eye-catching birds that dance in the sky and the tropical fish that live deep in the ocean, their fluid form in synergy with the powerful waves as they crash against the island rocks but roll quietly and softly against the pure white, sandy shore-line.  That’s what I want my Tropics Jewelry Collection to conjure up in your imagination, an explosion of color! So that when you wear your tropic jewelry, it transports you to your favorite faraway place or brings back memories of a vacation, perhaps a milestone moment in life.

Tropic Jewelry

Resplendent tropic-inspired jewelry by Cloisonne is something that you or your treasured friend will enjoy for years to come.  Handmade by me in my very own workshop, each one-of-a-kind piece of Tropics Jewelry Collection captures the essence of the heat, vibrancy and freedom of faraway tropical islands.  My tropic jewels features the beautiful creatures of the ocean.

Aren’t the islands all about the ocean?  Steaming with the amazing collection of fish, corals, rays, sharks, turtles, whales and so much more. Every tropic jewel is individually created to share my love of the ocean and in hopes that all mankind will remember their journey to the tropics.

The tropics have been a huge inspiration in my custom jewelry work. When I lived in Hawaii, I often set out on adventures in the deep blue waters just off the Hawaiian shores.

The vast ocean waters and marine life soothed my soul. In the sea, I was at one with the oceanic life around me. I also became aware that in spite of the magnificence that surrounded me in the tropics, the environment and the life within was in a constant state of fragility.

I feel a responsibility to spread that message and instill in others that the life that lay deep within the ocean must be protected. The tropics will always inspire me and remain a part of my soul. Though my creations I hope to inspire others. This is why I donate a portion of my sales towards environmental causes, particularly those that protect animal life, both at sea and land.

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